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How to Choose the Right Colors When Hiring a House Painter

How to Choose the Right Colors When Hiring a House Painter

You can either be the home with the pale, icy gray that sends shivers down every passerby or the home that bursts with life, expertly architected and perfectly manicured.

That decision lies in the power of the paintbrush.

The right color, paired with an expert house painter, will not only bring tranquillity to your home, but it will open up your space and make it the environment both you and your family love.

But what exactly is the right color for your home? And what should you bear in mind as you go Ohio house painter hunting? We have splashed some answers below.

What to Consider When Picking House Painting Services

If you live in the Buckeye state, chances are you have nature in your backyard. But there is no better way to compliment the natural beauty than with house paint that is welcoming and exciting.

Every paint job needs the right partner in crime, a stellar house painter who knows how to wield the brush and leave you with a masterpiece. Here are a few traits to look for in a house painting service:


The first thing you have to look into before partnering with any business is reputation. A good business reputation isn’t merely about a good product or service.

A good reputation reveals a balance between two things: customer experience and the quality of the service or product.

Any good house painting service will prioritize both.

When you find yourself on the hunt for house painters in Ohio, review their commitment to customer satisfaction. Find out what previous customers have to say about their experience.


Though there is a lot you can deduce from reviews about customer satisfaction, the portfolio is where you gauge the quality of the product and service.

A portfolio will give you a view of the type of work the company does. And most importantly, how it fits your style.

Reviewing a portfolio is also a great way to gauge what sort of passion the company puts into its work. And the type that they will bring into your home.

Your Budget

Beautiful artistry doesn’t have to plummet you into financial ruin. Though there are several house painting services out there, ensure that you work with a team whose price tag fits your budget.

When you partner with a premier house painter in Ohio, you can enjoy the beauty of exquisite craftsmanship but without overspending.

That is what Sunlight Housepainting is. A company that excels in its craft without blowing holes into your bank account.


What experience does the painting team have? How long have they been in the business for a long time? All these are important questions that point to experience.

Partnering with an experienced team means you will be working with people who have honed their skills through the years and are determined to bring excellence to your walls, cupboards, and floors.

How to Choose a House Color

Several factors go into picking a house color. Even without a degree in interior design, the perfect color can transform your home.


Here at Sunlight Housepainting, we believe that your home is an extension of who you are. How it looks and the atmosphere around it speaks of your personality. And we say so should your paint.

Use different color patterns to express your personality. It doesn’t have to be a crazy assortment. A few different coordinated hues to express who you are.

Mood and Emotion

One factor you will have to consider when picking a color is the mood and emotion you want in your home. Experts have suggested that color has a significant impact on emotion. This is color psychology.

The origins of color psychology go far back to ancient times. Back in the 1600s, Sir Isaac Newton first gave us the color spectrum, which ushered in color theory. However, it was German artist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who first coined the term “color psychology” in his book.

In the book, which he published in 1810, Johann traveled into the exciting idea of how color could be used to elicit emotion. And though the study has evolved a lot since then, this is still the central basis of color psychology.

The type of hues you choose for your home can bring a range of emotions.

Warmer colors, like red, orange, and yellow, are believed to draw out warm emotions. While cooler tones like blue, green, and purple invite serenity and calmness.

Our advice to homeowners is that when it comes to communal spaces, think of warmer colors. These are the rooms you want to be filled with energy and excitement.

Try orange walls, yellow tones, or even red hues to breathe energy into your kitchen, living room, and play areas.

But when it comes to the rooms you use for personal retreat, go with cooler colors that will encourage a calm and soothing atmosphere.

For the bathroom, charcoal and white are a great pair. But for your bedroom, play with purple and blue.

Size of Rooms

Though this is something most homeowners forget to consider when picking paint, the size of your home plays an important role.

If you have a small home, using certain tones will shrink it further. But if your home is so big that it’s starting to feel impersonal, the wrong color can add to the length.

When you are working with a small space, airy colors like whites are the way to go. Light and cooler tones are known to open up a space.

The theory behind it suggests light colors produce a receding effect. What this means is that they make walls look further than they are.

And for the opposite effect, warm and dark hues are the perfect choice. We celebrate them because they can make rooms feel cozy and smaller.

These colors are called advancing colors. They give an illusion that walls are closer.

So, if you have a space you want to dwindle a bit, browns are your friend.


The last factor you have to consider when choosing house paint is the neighborhood. This is particularly true when you need the exterior painted.

If you are surrounded by nature, neutral colors will add to your environment.

Hiring a House Painter in Ohio

Here is the thing, it is about more than the right paint color or even the perfect house painter. Your home is your haven. It has to be a space of free expression for you and your family.

But the reality is that how it looks, how it feels, and how you feel in it can all be influenced by the hue you choose.

Sunlight Housepainting is a house painting service in Ohio that promises quality craftsmanship. When it’s time for that paint redo, we are your team.

Schedule an estimate to see how we can make your dream home a reality.

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