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We’re Currently Booking Exterior Painting Appointments into Late Summer — Schedule Yours Now!

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Sunlight Housepainting is a locally owned and operated company, operating exclusively in the Columbus area with over 10 years of painting experience.

If you are tired of companies that over-promise and under-deliver, or just want a paint job that lasts, you’ve come to the right place. At Sunlight Housepainting, we use only experienced, professional paint crews that care as much about your home as you do. From the prep work, to the painting, to the clean-up and final inspection, you will be amazed at the improvement Sunlight Housepainting can make to your home’s appearance.

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We at Sunlight Housepainting hold our customers in the highest regard, and in the spirit of transparency to our current and future customers, we want to ensure you are aware that we are currently scheduling for the following:

  • Exterior projects for Summer 2024

Click one of the green circles to book your estimate, or please call us at: (614) 499-4998 and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

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Exterior Services


Areas with loose or peeling paint, not removed by power washing, will be thoroughly scraped and/or sanded

Painters on Ladders

Exterior Services


All bare wood will be primed prior to painting

Interior Painting Around Door

Interior Services


Your home will be protected by tarps, plastic and painters tape to ensure it stays clean.

Interior Room with Painting Supplies

Interior Services

Switch Plates

Unlike other painting companies, we will remove switch plates and socket plates to guarantee a thoroughly finished project.

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Interior Services

Minor Drywall Repairs

We will repair nail holes, nail pops, dings, dents and small cracks to provide a smooth painted surface.

Aaron Steininger and Family


I’ve lived in Columbus my entire life, and could not imagine living anywhere else. I grew up in Westerville, and attended Worthington Christian Schools. In my youth, I earned money by raking leaves and shoveling driveways for people in my neighborhood. As the middle of 5 kids if I wanted anything extra, I had to use my own money to pay for it. When all my friends were sledding when school was closed, I was shoveling driveways until it was dark. If I made $50 on a snow day I was rich! That is where my entrepreneurial spirit was born.

When I started Sunlight Housepainting in January of 2008 I had very little money, so my “marketing budget” consisted of printing flyers and going door to door. From that point we were able to book some work and grow the business from there. I am very thankful for my first few customers who took a chance on us and allowed us to paint their homes.

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